The industry standard for innovation

for three generations.

About Johnson & Sons

A.E. Johnson founded our manufacturing business in 1929, focusing on custom built equipment, machines and farm implements in an era where there were no standards or mass-produced options.

A.E. Johnson is credited with creating one of the first Hi-Rail solutions for trucks, giving them the ability to drive on roads as well as railways.

By the 1950s, A.E.'s children started to take over the family business. Arville, Arbie, Bubba and Ruby continued to manufacture custom equipment and implements. In 1957 they were approached by a feed mill to make America's first hydraulic powered machine to press out protein and mineral blocks.

This innovation lead to the need to develop machinery to assist in the weighing of products to be pressed or bagged, and by the 1960s, these weighing machines became primary product lines.

With the development of the bagging scale, Johnson & Sons established itself as a vital partner for the feed mill industry and many others with similar applications.

Today, Johnson & Sons still operates out Elgin, Texas, and provides end-to-end bagging solutions for manual, semi-automatic and fully-automatic bagging lines.

Over the years, we have found success by listening to our customers and anticipating the evolving needs of ever-changing industries.

A company founded on principles

Still the best after all these years.

Pride in design and execution

As a multi-generational, family-owned business, we were taught from a young age that if our machines didn't work, or stopped working down the line, we weren't doing ourselves or our customers any good. We pride ourselves on our innovation, and are blessed to have been able to change and grow over all of these years, introducing dozens of product models for a variety of applications.

Built to last, with simplicity in mind

Our equipment is designed to work and be maintained easily.  We are proud to say that we have machines that have been in service for over fifty years. We use superior parts and design to ensure a better-working product that is easy to maintain, because that's the way our Dad did it, and that's the way his Dad did it.

Excellence in service and support

Technical issues will come up, however it will never be the result of cheap parts or corners cut. We've designed our machines to be able to be maintained primarily by our customers. Nearly all issues that arise can be solved with a quick phone call to our support team, and, should they be required, we have techs available on-site, worldwide.

Think about this: When the first phone was installed at the Johnson & Sons factory, our international number was only five digits long.

Johnson & Sons provides end-to-end solutions to go from Bulk Product to Ready-to-Ship Pallets

With several product lines and variations, we can accommodate any number of industry needs and use cases.

A history we're proud of

A future you can count on