Open-mouth Bagging Scales

What do you need in an open-mouth scale? Whatever it is we have it for you, and if we don’t, we’ll build it; including belt, auger, free-flow, vibratory fed, or combinations. Both gross weigh and net weigh scales are available in single, duplex and triplex configuration depending on exacting production requirements.

And all scales are available with both pivot beam and electronic weighing systems. Bag weights range from a half-pound to 110 pounds and up. 

Let us know what you need and we’ll build you a custom-made Johonson bagging scale!

Bagging Scale Options:

  • Self-standing framework to support the bagging scale
  • Surge bin above the bagger.
  • Stainless steel
  • Plain finish to USDA 3A Dairy
  • Wash down

Bag Spout/Clamps

  • Equipped with air-operated bag clamps
  • Standard “football” shaped spout.
  • Adjustable retractable spout.
  • Free-flow spout.
  • Completely dust tight spout, both retractable and football shaped.

Activation of the filling or discharging cycle 

  • Foot pedal or Hand switch.
  • Hand switch
  • Automatic signal coming from other pieces of equipment; bag hanger, form-fill & seal, block press, etc.    

Johnson & Sons design and manufacture open-mouth bagging scales designed to to bag a wide variety of products — from hard-to-flow materials to free-flowing and almost everything in between.  You will be delighted by how truly accommodating our bagging scales are.

All Johnson & Sons open-mouth bagging scales are available with your choice of belt, auger or vibratory feeders.

AD104-LS-FFM: Designed to connect directly to a molasses blender to eliminate the need for a supply bin. Catch chamber prevents the flow of product from stopping coming out of the blender while bags are being changed out.  5-7 bags per minute.Request additional info.
See Product Sheet.
AD108-LS-DUPLEX-1 AD108-LS-DUPLEX: Belt fed duplex.  This machine has two feeder belts and two weigh hoppers both independent of one another.  One common bag spout.  As one side is weighing up the other side can be discharging into a bag. Swing-away lower section allows for easy access to the weigh hoppers for cleaning and maintenance.   Up to 20 bags per minute.Request additional info.
See Product Sheet.
AD106 - LS-1 AD106-LS: Electronic belt-fed gross weigher, which uses the suspended bag as the weigh hopper. Designed for filling both hard to flow and free flowing products.   Up to 10-12 bags per minute.Request additional info.
See Product Sheet.
AG-106-FoodGrade1 AG106-FOOD GRADE: Electronic Gross Weigh Auger-Fed for the Food Industry.  This model is designed for flour and flour type products.  Wash down and polished finished meet standard as critical as USDA 3ADairy.   Up to 5 bags per minute.Request additional info.
AG106 - LS-1 AG-106-LS: Auger fed gross weigh bagging scale.  For granules, powders and fluid type products.  8-12 bags per minute. Request additional info.
AG106 - LS-1 AG-106-LS-ASPHALT BAGGER: Belt fed bagging scale designed for bagging asphalt, rock and any product that is hard to clean and is rough on the equipment.  This model has fewer working parts to damage and easy to clean. Up to 12 bags per minute.Request additional info.
FREE-FLOW OPEN MOUTH BAGGING SCALES DESIGNED FOR FREE-FLOW PRODUCTS. (Product needs to be able to flow through a 1” x 12” opening without the possibility of bridging.)
JB105-LS-1 JB700-LS Duplex: Free Flow duplex Bagging Scale. 2 feeder inlets with cut off gates, 2 independent weigh hoppers and one common bag spout.  As one side is discharging the other side can be filling.  Up to 22 bags per minute.Request additional info.
JB105-HS JB105-LS: Free flow net weigh bagging scale.  Weighs in an internal weigh hopper and discharges into bag, box, or container.   Up to 12 bags per minute.Request additional info.
JB101-LS-1 JB101-LS: Free flow gross weigh bagging scale.  Uses the suspended bag as the weigh hopper.  Weighs the product as it is filling the bag.  Up to 10 bags per minute.Request additional info.
Designed to weigh up a continuous flow of product for inventory purposes.  There are thousands of ways we can write software for this but here is just one example:As product is coming into the plant it runs through this machine.  It weighs it into, for example, 500 pound weighments, records the weight and discharges it back into the line.As it interrupts the flow of material, it is diverted into a catch chamber that allows product to continue moving.The machine automatically continues this process.  It can be programmed to record and compile data on demand, by the hour, by the day or by the month.  This data can then be transferred to your plant’s computer where it can be stored and retreived in any number of report configurations, charts, graphs, etc.Request additional info.


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