Johnson Electronic Controls. “Libra,” our next-generation weighing and controlling system.

libra-controller-webNearly 30 years ago we designed and developed proprietary software and controls specifically to operate our weighing equipment and bag placers. Today, our custom engineered software and proprietary controls have saved our customers hundreds of thousands of dollars through increased accuracy and reduced downtime. In fact, in more than 125 years of innovation, we feel our controls are the most innovative components we have developed.

We constantly upgrade and update the software to keep in step with our clients’ ever-changing needs and giant leaps ahead of our competition:

  • We only use the highest quality components. We understand that even one hour of down time can potentially cost our customers thousands of dollars. So we do not cut corners.
  • Our control software is engineered right here in Elgin, by some of the most experienced computer software engineers in the business.  This expertise enables our equipment not only to outproduce our competitors, but also are, hands-down, the most accurate in the industry.  That is an undisputable fact.

Anybody can claim their bagging machines feature electronic controls, but few, if any, provide the following distinguishing advantages:

  • Johnson Controls identify the nature of product,  including bulk densityand flowability
  • Johnson Controls automatically adjust fill rates to ensure a set number of cycles per minute
  • Johnson Controls adjust to run the machines with a proportional fill rate, compensating for product weight and speed; virtually eliminating overloads and increasing machine efficiency
  • Johnson Controls automatically zero out before each new weighing cycle
  • Johnson Controls automatically check weigh, and self adjust to ensure desired fill weight is obtained to the within .01 of a pound
  • Johnson Controls have adjustable High/Low out-of-tolerance weight rejection

Would you like to know “exactly” how your operators will run any of our bagging scales?  Our controls can help you monitor that, too.

Not only are our bagging machines and other equipment workhorses, but because of our superior controls and software, they’re racehorses too!  

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